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YouTube: Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Convention Zingers

Thank you Tammy Bruce for alerting the Twitterverse to this great video.

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INSIDE WASHINGTON: Taxpayers to get rude surprise

Millions of Americans enjoying their small windfall from President Barack Obama’s “Making Work Pay” tax credit are in for an unpleasant surprise next spring.

The government is going to want some of that money back. Click read more for the details. Don’t forget to DIG the article.

[Ed Note: All of us making much less than 250K per year have higher taxes coming. No you Democrats say? Read about the new tax tables slipped in by the new administration.  This is just one of the stick-it-to-ya's predicted at all of the Tea Party's. Or is it an Obama-to-ya or perhaps a Demo-to-ya? Whatever it is, it appears to be a tax increase.]
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3000+ in stormy Annapolis,MD Tea “multipolitical” Party

In pouring rain/wind all ages/races/creeds/political persuasions came to Annapolis, MD harbor to voice & wave signs of opinion about the Obama/Pelosi/Reid administration in an urgent, focused protest where all literally bonded in the elements; make no mistake – this is the beginning – the Declaration of Independence was no mistake; we honored it.

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Annapolis Tea Party YouTube Video

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Anti-Tax ‘Tea Party’ Protests Expected Across U.S.

Hundreds of protests are expected across the country by people who feel they are Taxed Enough Already — TEA — hence the name Tax Day Tea Parties.

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The U.S. went 15 years without a federal tax increase.

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Tea for 300 at the taxpayer tea party in Bel Air, Maryland

Three hundred people braved the elements to attend the Bel Air Taxpayer Tea Party today, one of hundreds of such events held nationwide on the day federal and state tax forms are due to be filed.

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MD. Guard Issues Warning about Local TEA Party Protest

A document issued by the Maryland National Guard on April 9 warns full-time Guard personnel to be aware of threats from local citizens protesting income taxes during grass roots events known as TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Parties. These possible threats may hurt someone’s feelings and that’s what’s really important after all, isn’t it? You betcha’.

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ABC Reports Obama is ‘Unaware of Tea Parties’

(Newsbusters via Drudge) How could anyone be “Unaware” with such a great media to inform them? One would think that a president would find it expedient to check the pulse of his political advisories before declaring them dead or in complete agreement with his policies. (or at least have an aid read the drudge report)

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Annapolis Anti-Tax Tea Party Turns Out Hundreds

Annapolis MD, (WUSA) Urged on by conservative talk radio hosts, viral e-mails, and Facebook friends, hundreds turned up in a miserable cold rain Wednesday to watch Maryland Del. Don Dwyer toss mocked up boxes of tea into the Annapolis harbor.

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AIP Live Reporting of Tea Party Events

American Independent Party photograph page of events across the nation.

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Join the Tea Party Movement

Annapolis – April 15

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More states are weighing major increases in income tax or sales tax to make up for plunging revenue.

read more | digg story Solomons Tea Party Protest – March 22

( – 031709) By Elbee Foote) PRINCE FREDERICK – A grassroots “tea party” protest movement comprised of Republicans, Democrats and independents concerned about the direction in which our nation is headed has broken out across America and is now landing in U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s own backyard. Ordinary folks have had enough and hundreds, most of whom have never engaged in a protest before, are volunteering.

(Ed note: Sponsored in part by the Calvert Republicans but this is a cross-party event schedule for Sunday, 3/22/09 1430 hrs in Solomons, Maryland. Please read the complete article at for all information!

You can also download this PDF flyer regarding the event. Hand it out to friends or put it in your office window. Thanks to the Calvert GOP.)

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